First Impressions: British Rose face mask

So it’s been quite some time since my last review, and I’m back talking about something I love which is skincare. Last week I had a VERY exciting delivery from The Body Shop, filled with tonnes of goodies from hair care to makeup. I plan on doing a haul post in a few weeks but today I wanted to focus in on one of the standout products that I received, the British Rose facemask.

Now this isn’t the first mask that I’ve had from this range. Back in September last year I wrote my first impressions of the Rice and Ginseng mask, following it up in June with a full review.  I really liked the formula but felt that at this price point it wasn’t really worth it, so from the get go this Rose face mask had a lot to prove.

Don’t get me wrong £17 is not the most outlandish amount of money I’ve paid for a facemask, but at that price point I’m really wanting something that is going to make a dramatic difference. For that price you get 75ml of product and if the Rice and Ginseng mask is anything to go by that should last around three months with regular use. On its website, the Body Shop claims that this mask will “reveal skin that’s replenished with moisture and visibly smooth with a youthful dewy appearance.” That’s quite a high pedestal to be put on, but only made me more excited to try it out.


Delivery went without any hiccups and my bundle of joy arrived after just four days. The packaging is the same high quality as the previous mask I had, however that didn’t make it any less impressive. There’s just something about glass in particular that shows thought and care into a product and makes it scream luxury. There’s also a protective seal on the mask which prevents any bacteria from getting inside, small practical details which I love.

The first thing that hits you upon opening the jar is the smell. You’re instantly transported into a beautiful rose garden, the subtle scent striking the balance between overpowering and underwhelming. My experience with rose masks begin and end with Lush’s rosy cheeks, so a part of me was expecting to be judging it against that. But this mask is completely different than I expected. The colour, consistency and type of mask all took me by surprise.

It wasn’t the pink creamy mask I was expecting; instead it was an amber gel with tiny flecks of petals worked into the formula. In a way this made the mask more intriguing as it wasn’t like anything I had tried before. The consistency was very jam like, but it was easy to apply evenly across my whole face. It was a clear mask that didn’t exactly dry down or tighten at all so it would have to be one you keep a close eye on the time for.

Rose has always been one of my favourite skincare ingredients because of its amazing effects on sensitive skin. This mask was immediately soothing, calming down any irritation or redness I had from taking my makeup off beforehand. The scent also added to the relaxation and I really felt as though I was pampering myself, although that might have more to do with the glass of wine I was having along with it. After a few minutes I’d completely forgotten it was on my face. There was no scratchiness or tightness, tingling or dry feeling at all.

Usually after removing a mask my skin needs a few minutes to settle down, but with this it wasn’t necessary. I used my normal method of a warm damp cloth to buff away the mask and I was shocked to see my skin looking so fresh immediately after. Whatever redness I did have appeared to have gone, leaving behind a much clearer and well balanced complexion. My face also felt slightly plumped and moisturised, all but dissolving any dullness or tiredness that was visible in my skin.

After a few hours I still felt as though my skin looked replenished and brighter. The affects did start to wear off eventually but not after several hours by which point I was already very impressed.

I’m going to keep using the mask regularly to see if it has any long term affects on my skin but so far so good. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for a review in a few weeks once I’ve finished the pot so I can reveal whether this is worth it or not, but I’m excited to keep using it till then.

What are some of your best buys from Body Shop? Let me know your recommendations in the comments!


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