Nip+Fab Mini haul & First Impressions

Nip+Fab has been one of my favourite skincare brands since I tried their dragon’s blood range a few months ago. The quality of their products had me shook, so when they announced the launch of their makeup line I was excited to say the least. It’s been a few months now and I’ve waited for the dust to settle and the reviews to pour in before finally deciding to treat myself to a few of their products.

The Superdrug display was jam packed full of goodies and I had to resist buying every last thing on the shelf. Instead, I decided to get things that I knew I needed and I knew people would want to hear about. The makeup range has started off with a good amount and variety of products and I chose four essentials to get me started.

I’ve played around with them a few times already and you’ll have to check back in a few weeks for a full review but today I wanted to talk a little about each product, the formula, the pricing and what’s stood out for me so far.

The entire range is quite affordable, not quite Makeup Revolution prices but still an absolute steal for the quality. I purchased all of my items during a sale meaning the whole lot cost me £24.50 which is insane for how much I got.

So what did I actually get?

My first purchase HAD to be the highlighter palette. I haven’t bought a new highlighter in a shamefully long time so when I saw this I knew it was fate that I should buy it. I’d seen swatches on Nip+Fab’s insta stories and the colours looked stunning so I was excited to try it for myself. There are six shades in total and I was immediately impressed when I swatched a few of them in store.


Next, I grabbed one of their  colour correctors in the colour peppermint. I’ve had a tumultuous relationship with colour correctors in the past so I wanted to give this formula a go and see if it could do any better than the ones I’d tried before. I love the full range of colour correctors available and I also adore the fact that they’re inclusive to all skin tones, as is the whole makeup collection.


I was going to stop at one palette until I saw the powder contour. Cream contour seems to be all the rage these days but I love a good powder and often I think it gives you a more subtle look than lots of layers of creamy products. I wasn’t in love with all of the shades, in fact I can only see myself using two or three but I’ll hold off my judgements till I get a bit more use out of it.

Finally, I picked up a simple eye pencil in the shade brown. Tightlining my eyes has been a nightmare recently as they’ve become really sensitive and watery. I also feel like using black pencil is becoming too harsh and wanted something for a more subtle day time look, which is why I got the pencil in a brown shade.


After testing them out a few times I can already tell what I love and more importantly what I don’t. The highlighter palette is standing out for me so far, and although it isn’t as heavily pigmented as I’d imagined, it’s perfect for that natural summery glow. The shade range also means it will perfectly transition me into the autumn months when I’m a little bit paler.

The other products haven’t really blown me away so far but I feel like I really need to dive head first into trying them all before I make any judgements.

Have you tried any of the Nip+Fab makeup range? What did you think?

Keep your eyes peeled for a full review, coming very soon.









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