Surprise July Favourites

Deciding to keep an eye on my spending this month has meant some big changes for my beauty budget. In fact, for the whole of July I think I only purchased one item which is astonishing considering I’m forever buying lipsticks I don’t need or face masks because I've seen them on Insta. Yes, this month has certainly been a little different but my lack of spending has actually been a blessing in disguise.

Because I wasn’t constantly buying things it actually gave me the chance to try out a few of the beauty buys I'd already bought. I’m the worst person for buying something then throwing it in my makeup bag never to be seen again, so this has been a good excuse to get some use out of those products. And to my surprise I've fallen in love with almost all of them.

I didn’t expect to be able to do a favourites this month, not to mention one with so many good quality products in both skincare and makeup. I’m so happy that I’ve discovered so many amazing things and quite proud of myself for sticking to my no-spend rule as well as I did (although not entirely because, you know, Nandos.)

Now onto my favourites.

Pixi Glow tonic

So this was the one thing that I bought this month, but come on I had to. There’s been so much hype around this within the beauty community and every review just seemed to rave about how life changing this was. And they weren’t wrong.

Recently I’ve been using my own DIY rose toner to finish my face on a night, but Glow tonic has been a handy little addition to my routine two or three times a week. And while my rose toner works to sooth and calm my skin, the glow tonic is great for really cleansing and cleaning your face. It feels as though its getting into those deeper layers of your skin and I wake up so glowy every morning after use.

And while this is one of the more expensive toners I own, a little goes a long way so I’d definitely say it’s worth it.

Mac Prep + Prime

So if you haven’t already read my review you can find it here, but in a nutshell I love this setting spray. I’ve not had much experience with sprays like this as I felt like they were unnecessary but this has been the one to change my whole philosophy on setting sprays.

That perfect middle between matte and dewy, this leaves me looking snatched for days and I am obsessed with it. Whereas before I needed a touch up around midday, now I don’t feel the need to add all of that excess powder which in turn stops me from looking cakey.

True match concealer


Concealer has always been pretty hit and miss for me. Its rather too thick, too dark or doesn’t have any coverage and I’d just about given up on the whole thing. That is until I discovered this little beauty. Nestled right at the bottom of my makeup bag was the concealer of my dreams and I didn’t even know I had it.

The lightweight, buildable formula is perfect for those of us who want to keep it a little more natural but still don’t want to walk around with bags and spots everywhere. I have found this so incredibly easy to blend into my skin that I sometimes forget I have it on. A lot of the time, especially when I'm just going to work, i'll dab on just a few blobs of this around my face and I'm good to go.

I’m not in love with the applicator I will admit. It’s one of those pens that you twist meaning you never really know how much you have left (annoying.) However the product itself is so amazing that I’m willing to overlook such a small design flaw.

Mbotanicals Facial elixir

Ever since trying it in their mini box a few months ago, I have been obsessed with the facial elixir by Mbotanicals. This little facial oil is so moisturising, so rich and intense that my sensitive skin just drinks it in. I probably use this once a week as an overnight treatment and in the time that I’ve used it I have noticed a huge difference in my face.

My dry patches and flakyness have all but disappeared while my face In general seems a lot calmer. Out of the whole box this is probably what I am most likely to reorder, lucky for me you only need a few drops so the small sample size has lasted me up until now.

Bronzed Primark palette


The pigment is real guys!

Seriously, I cannot stress how much I am in love with this £4 palette. When I first got this way back when, I was skeptical to say the least. Primark makeup has never really interested me that much so I didn’t think that this would be any good. But I am so glad I decided to risk it because I am in love.

Each shade is so pigmented, i have to remind myself everytime i use it not to over-do it because they really do pack a punch. For eyeshadow novices like me, it's refreshing to have something inexpensive that you can really play and experiment with. I don't want to be practising makeup with a £40 palette, so this has been perfect for me to develop my skills with eyeshadow.

There is a little bit of fallout sometimes when i use it, but at this price point i'm not going to start nit picking. This has actually intrigued me about trying other Primark makeup to see if it can live up to the standards this palette has set.


Johnson's Baby Shampoo

Bit of a weird one, I know. Since I was on a spending ban this month I was forced to come up with some very creative solutions to a few of my problems, one of which was brush cleaning. Normally I use a balm that I get online, but this time round I had to come up with something myself. After a little internet digging I found quite a few people using baby shampoo and since I already had Johnson's in the house I thought I'd give it a go.

Not only did this clean every brush like new, but, because it's made for babies there aren't any nasty chemicals that can damage the delicate bristles on your brushes. Meaning they will last longer and be cleaner than ever, it's a win win.

After trying this I definitely won't be going back to store bought cleaners as this was so cheap and effective.


So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed reading this months favourites, i love these posts as they let me see take stock of the month and motivates me for the next. What have been some of your favourites this month?



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