Brand Focus: Mbotanicals Review

So waaay back in June I spoke a little about how I wanted to try smaller, independent skincare brands that focus on quality not quantity. After a little routing around and a few suggestions from my lovely readers I stumbled upon Mbotanicals, a small cruelty free and organic skincare brand that ticked all of my boxes.

Scrolling through their website I just couldn’t choose from the wide range of goodies they had to offer so I bought one of their mini boxes which contained samples of their whole range. My first impressions were really positive, but I’ve been using it for a while now and feel like its time to share my final thoughts and whether I think its worth the price tag.

The box cost £26 but the store is currently doing an offer at £15. It arrived quickly and despite a little mishap, which you can read about here, I was really impressed with the quality of everything. The products are stored in little glass jars or metal pots which keeps them air tight and safe from any bacteria, as well as being hella cute. I couldn’t fault the packaging at all, and to this day the little box and tissue paper is where I still keep all of the samples.

Since there are so many products to get through I thought that I’d break it down into each individual one and then discuss how it changed my skin overall as a full routine. The products were really interesting to use and at the very least I’ve enjoyed trying something completely new, it’s important to mix it up once in a while.


10g Daily Rejuventor

I spoke about this at great length in my first impressions and I’m still as in love with this cream as I ever was. The abundance of skin loving ingredients (the full list of which can be found here) is the big hug your face has just been aching for. Not only is it super light and non greasy, but it actually acts as a barrier for your skin. And I don’t need to tell you how important that is especially if you live in high pollution areas.

From using it the first time to now I have noticed that my dryness on my lower cheeks and temples has all but disappeared and I really attribute this cream as the solution. They’re the two spots I’ve just never been able to fix and I’ve finally found something that helps.

I did find that as I was using this so much the 10g pot didn’t last me as long as the other products but it’s definitely one that I’m considering buying in full size.

10g Exfoliating Bamboo Cleanser

Out of everything in the box I think this was my least favourite. I will note that this is going to be replaced soon with the gentle enzyme cleansing powder which I will talk about in a second. This cleanser comes in a powder form which you then mix with water to create a thick, creamy consistency.

I love those types of cleansers as I feel it keeps the active ingredients fresh right up until you want to use them. And while I did like how it effervesced as I used it, there was just something a little off with the texture. No matter how much I mixed I always found bigger grains that wouldn’t dissolve and it made the cleanser a little too exfoliating for my sensitive skin. It definitely did do its job of cleaning however for me there are gentler ways to get the same results.


10g Gentle Enzyme Cleanser

Whatever I didn’t like in the bamboo cleanser this was the exact opposite. It seems that this new formula has all the benefits of the old without any of the downsides in texture. I love using clay as a part of my routine as it really cleans and sucks out every impurity from your skin.

Another powder cleanser, this one was so much easier to mix than the first and created a really creamy and gently exfoliating cleanser that got right into every nook and cranny. It wasn’t drying at all, which is usually a concern when using clay, instead I felt that this nourished my skin and kept all of my natural oils where they were supposed to be.

10g Hydrating Beauty Balm

I’ve never been a lover of beauty balms and this one, which was created for dry skin, is another that I just couldn’t get on board with. For me I found the consistency a little too thick, which is the reason why I don’t like many balms and it left a bit of residue whenever I would use it.

That being said I don’t have that much dry skin a part from the odd stubborn patch. And while I did love the scent I just didn’t get as much out of this as someone with dry skin would have.

5mL Rejuvenating Facial Elixir

This was above and beyond my absolute favourite thing that came in the box. I’ve tried a handful of facial oils in the past and have always been a bit meh about them, but I cannot stress how much I’ve loved this one.

The oil is so rich and dense that my skin just drinks it all in and by morning I look and feel so refreshed. As an overnight treatment it is perfect for really packing a moisturising punch to tired or run down skin. I’ve been a little ill the past few weeks and this has really helped my skin bounce back to normalcy with just a few uses.

It isn’t the kind of oil I’d use on a morning or before my makeup as it is quite heavy, but as the occasional facial treatment it works a dream. I use this once or twice a week and I really feel the benefit and as I use so little it has lasted a very long time.

10g Pink Clay Soap for face and body

First off I’ll start by saying this is probably the cutest little soap you’ll ever see. Its shaped like an owl and comes in a rosy, pink hue making it every bloggers dream. I didn’t really use this that much if I’m honest as I couldn’t bear the thought of it turning into a pink blob, but I did manage to get a few tries out of it.

As a soap I thought it was really nice, very earthy smelling with a good lather. On occasion I did find it a little bit drying but for the most part I enjoyed using it as a treat during my bubble baths. It felt like more of a gift than a part of the skincare box but I did appreciate and love It all the same.


Before trying this box my skincare routine had gone unchanged for about five or six months and i’d stopped seeing the effects of some of my favourite lotions and creams. Using this mini box has given my skin the wakeup call it’s been dying for recently and I have noticed a big change in problem areas I’ve had for years now.

The quality of ingredients as well as the dedication to remain cruelty free from this brand have blown me away and it is for that and the wonderful effects its had on my skin that I’d recommend this to anyone who is wanting to try something new.

It’s so important to support independent brands where you can, and while it can sometimes seem expensive, with skincare you really get what you pay for sometimes. I’m looking forward to seeing what this brand does next and placing another order very soon for a few full sized bottles.

You can find more details of each product as well as handy how to’s on the Mbotanicals website. 


What brands should I try next? I’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments.










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