Top 10 of the very best Lush has to Offer


Ah Lush, one of my favourite shops and the reason why I’m in my overdraft so much. Over the years I’ve tried it all, from their masks to their serums and everything In between. And while a few have crept into my daily routine not everything has blown me away. Which is why I thought I’d make this little cheat sheet to point you in the direction of some pretty amazing products and skip those that will probably let you down.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

Of course we all have different needs from our products and what might work for some might not for others. I have sensitive/combo skin and slightly lifeless hair so that’s what I usually hope to remedy, however a lot of these products have a wide range of ingredients that would make them perfect for a variety of complaints. Thankfully Lush have an amazing sample policy so don’t just take my word for it, try a few of my suggestions for yourself and you might just be agreeing with me.

This is mainly a list of favourite skincare products but there are the odd body and haircare bits and pieces thrown in for good measure. All of these have been on my essentials list for a while and are things that I just keep buying pot after pot.


1 Mask of Magnaminty

One of, if not the, best masks I have ever bought. Not just from Lush but from anywhere. Combining peppermint oil and honey to create a super moisturising formula that wakes up even the most tired skin. The small grains help exfoliate the skin while Kaolin acts as a natural cleanser to absorb all the dirt, dust and makeup on your face at the end of the day. Incorporating this into my weekly routine has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and my skin thanks me after each and every use. (Full review here )

2 Rosy Cheeks

Having sensitive skin can be such a hassle, you don’t want to use anything too strong or it’ll cause a reaction but use something too weak and nothing will happen. Rosy cheeks is a happy medium between the two. Gentle enough that it doesn’t cause a flare up but strong enough to pack a punch, this mask is great for calming down angry skin. It smells divine and is actually quite relaxing to put on if you fancy a bit of a pamper sesh.

3 Vanishing Cream


While this is made for more spot prone skin this moisturiser is my go to. The formula is light enough that I can wear it all day while heavy enough that I can still feel it working hour after hour. I have noticed that spots have become less frequent while using this and my redness certainly has improved.

4 Big

Having the world’s dullest, limpest hair this was a game changer for me. Finally something that would add volume but not leave me feeling greasy or knotted. I use this probably once a week now and it continually amazes me just how much life it gives to my strands. Gone are the days of straight volume-less hair. With continued use I’ve seen a difference in my hair every day and while I use this less than when I first bought it the results are still the same.

5 Prince of Darkness

For when your skin is in some serious need of a detox.  This exfoliating mask can undo days of damage from excessive makeup or when you’re just super lazy with your skincare. It gives your face that jolt of goodness and works well to repair the skin in just half an hour. It feels as though the grime is literally been sucked out of your pores and you’re left with perfect skin every time.

6 Angels on bare skin


The cleanser to end all cleansers. Never in my life have I felt cleaner or as nourished than after using this. The almonds provide a nourishing milk for the skin that revitalises and replenishes all that is taken away during the cleanse, meaning you aren’t left feeling stripped of all your natural oils. It leaves you feeling fresh and clean and works well on all skin types (as tested on my friends.) Full review can be found here.


7 Dream Steam

Steaming my face is something that I’ve always done, but on those days when a bit of water just isn’t going to cut it this is perfect. All your essential oils and herbs blended into one which, when dropped into water, creates the most beautifully scented steam that is also full of the good stuff. It’s quite an underrated product if you ask me and an absolute steal for just £2.50!

8 Ocean Salt

Who doesn’t love a good body scrub? Especially one that smells great, feels amazing and isn’t too harsh on the skin. The base ingredient for this is of course sea salt which perfectly buffs away dead skin cells revealing softer, brighter skin beneath. It has all the results of an intense exfoliant with none of the irritation so is perfect for little ol’ me.

9 Sugar Plum Fairy


I’ve tried a few lip scrubs from Lush and have always been let down. The sugar was always too clumpy or the scent overpowering, but sugar plum fairy has none of the downsides. It is made up of fine grains of sugar and the most amazing scent you’ve ever smelt to create this wonderful scrub that moisturises, nourishes and removes dead skin. An essential for days when you want to go bold with the lips.

10 Full of Grace

Serums have always been hit and miss for me. It takes a lot for it to be a good one, which I why I was so impressed when I first tried full of grace. The soothing balm is easy to apply and works with my skin to repair and nourish even my most sensitive areas. It has a very earthy smell which comes from the Portobello mushrooms inside each bar that protects the face while conditioning the deepest layers of the skin. This is usually the last thing I apply at night and by morning my face is looking radiant.


What are some of your favourite buys from Lush? Let me know in the comments.


20 thoughts on “Top 10 of the very best Lush has to Offer

    1. I honestly love the place! Their bathbombs are unreal, decided to leave them out or else this post would have been 5 pages long.

      It’s a good brand if you’re going crueltyfree or want to shop vegan because you can gurantee it there.

      Thanks for the comment lovely xo


    1. You’ll definitely not be disappointed! I have quite a lot of redness and struggle finding skincare that doesn’t set it off but Rosy cheeks is amazing. I’m always trying new stuff out so my skin hates me but that always seems to repair the damage and calm it all down.

      Thanks for commenting beaut xo


  1. I definitely haven’t shopped at Lush enough, I’ve only ever tried a couple of their bath bombs so I think I’m majorly missing out! The Mask of Magnimity sounds like an incredible product, I don’t think I’ve seen a single person say anythign bad about it! Dream Steam sounds divine as well, it must be so relaxing to use! Thanks for sharing your faves!

    Abbey 👑


    1. Thanks sweety! Yeah loads of people don’t realise how amazing their skincare etc is but i honestly love it so much. Mask of magnaminty is honestly my all time fave you really can’t go wrong with it at all.

      They usually let you try a lot of their stuff for free in a lil sample pot so i’d definitely recommend going to your local and asking for a few samples!

      Appreciate the comment lovely xo


  2. I love sugar plum fairy! After this post, I had to follow! Lush is just so great. Amazing post, it’d mean a lot if you checked out my blog too? Xx


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