Update & Review: Body Shop’s Chinese Ginseng and Rice clarifying mask

Waaay back in September, when the blog was a baby and my photography game was weak asf, I did a first impressions post about Body Shop’s then newly released line of face masks. I chose the Chinese Ginseng and Rice polishing mask as it looked the most interesting and I was really excited to give it a go. After a little blog audit the other day I realised that my promises of a following review were never met and as this mask is something I still use today I thought it better late than never to give the people what they want.

I have repurchased this mask about three or four times since first trying it out so my opinion is pretty solid at this point. All those months ago when I first got my hands on this I was really impressed with it, but skip forward and my opinion has definitely changed.


First off let’s talk about price. One pot comes in at £16 and will get you around 10 to 12 uses depending on how thick you like to apply it. This is a little more expensive than my usual price point but the quality of ingredients does warrant those few extra pounds. The design and packaging feels very luxury, simplistic yet functional and would sit beautifully on anyone’s beauty shelf. My favourite element is the small plastic cap that protects the mask from bacteria, a small touch that shows the thought and care that has gone in to developing this mask.

But what really sets it apart from the rest is its interesting consistency. Unlike other exfoliating masks this doesn’t rely on harsh beads to clean the skin. Instead it uses a softer, gentler technique that combined with the other ingredients cleanses the skin. Not only is this a gentle way to exfoliate, it is also more effective as harsh exfoliation can actually do more damage than good. Having sensitive skin this was really important to me and to this day this is the only exfoliating mask that doesn’t leave me red and irritated after use. So it’s perfect for all my sensitive skin sistas.


This is really a low key, easy to use mask and can be bobbed on and off within the hour. I use an ordinary foundation brush to apply it to my entire face, getting into all those nooks and crannies, before letting it sit for about 15-20 minutes. Once it’s done I like to buff the mask off in circular motions as I wash it with water, maximising the exfoliation and getting all I can out of each use.

Unfortunately though, it’s not all good news. Having used this mask for so long I have started to notice that its effects ware off pretty quickly. The mask is intended to give you a natural, healthy glow and while it does do this at first It soon wares off after day or two. At this price I would really expect, especially with continued use, that the mask would have a deeper effect on the skin. However the more I use it the more I realise the effects are only hitting the superficial layers and not making that much of a difference long term.

That’s not to say the mask is completely useless. It is still one of my favourites to use just before big events or nights out as the effects, while short lived, can be seen immediately. If I use this just before applying makeup I notice that my foundation sits a lot better, my pores seem smaller and my skin appears that bit more flawless.

Will this mask change your life? Probably not. But as something to perk up your complexion and add a little glow once in a while it works a treat.


What are some of your favourite masks? Let me know in the comments.




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