First Impressions: Mbotanicals Mini Box

I have a daily skincare routine which involves several products multiple times throughout the day so as you can imagine I go through quite a lot. Recently, I’ve taken a look at some of these products and started to consider what impact these creams have outside of the bottle. What effect has this cleanser had on the environment, have any animals suffered to make this tub of moisturiser?

Shopping skincare that is cruelty free, organic and with a natural focus isn’t always easy, but I try my best to stick to those few guidelines when buying something new. And as highstreet can be quite limited in these areas I’ve started to look more and more to smaller, boutique companies to tick all those boxes.

Which is how I discovered Mbotanicals. A small company based in London that specialises in handmade, naturally focused skincare with products ranging from cleansers to oils. Researching the brand I was immediately impressed with their dedication to using high quality, natural ingredients that really work with your skin. The biggest pull for me was that each product was handmade by someone using their two hands, something that’s unfortunately a rarity these days. So I knew I wanted to order something, but I just didn’t know what. And for those indecisive people, like me, Mbotanicals has the perfect solution in their mini box.

The mini box is a box filled with their entire skincare line in smaller, sample sizes that allow you to try out the products before purchasing the full thing. The box costs £20 and each product should last two to four weeks. Inside the box you will find a sample of their bamboo cleanser, hydrating beauty balm, daily rejuvenator cream, facial elixir oil and pink clay soap. My box also arrived with a sample of their gentle enzyme cleansing powder that will soon replace the bamboo cleanser.

Ordering the box was really easy and I decided to do it through Etsy, although you can order directly from their website. The delivery was on time and arrived just five days after I placed my order. Unfortunately there was an issue in that one of the pipettes had smashed during delivery, but I saw this as an opportunity to put their customer services to the test.

I reported the problem with Mbotanicals and was contacted just a few hours later with a sincere apology and a promise to ship out another bottle very soon. For a smaller company I was pleasantly surprised with how lovely the customer service was and how approachable they were not only for reporting mistakes, but also answering my queries and questions about the products. The new bottle arrived just a few days later and I was finally able to start using everything.


One of the things that had initially drawn me in about the brand was their design and packaging and in person it did not disappoint. The box was simple and understated, with the logo emblazed across the front. Inside there was an information card about all of the products which were gently wrapped in tissue paper. The powdered cleansers and oils came in good quality glass jars, while the creams were sealed in metal pots to keep them fresh. And apart from the pipette everything arrived in perfect working order.

So far I’ve had a few tries of each product and have already started to form an idea of what I’m going to love and what I’m not so keen on. My full review will be up once I finish every bottle and give each product a chance to really work with my skin.

Straight out of the gate the facial elixir oil has really stood out to me as something that could become a regular in my routine. I don’t have much experience with facial oils, in fact it’s only recently that I’ve started using them, but this is definitely one of the better ones that I’ve tried. It is quite a dense product that doesn’t soak up immediately into the skin and so I’ve been using it more as an overnight treatment. But by morning my skin is perfectly soft and plumped without any of the oily residue. My skin has just been drinking this stuff in and I feel as though with continued use it could really help the dry patches on my face. The oil has an earthy scent which is not too overpowering, like some of the other products, but any smell fades away after a few minutes following application.

Something which has a really powerful scent is the bamboo cleanser, and unfortunately I didn’t like it at all. It does contain tea tree oil which I feel overpowers the citrus-y scents at the base of the smell. If you’ve read any of my previous reviews you’ll know just how sensitive I am to smells and this one was just a little too powerful for me to get over.

Luckily, the new enzyme cleanser alternative was a much bigger hit. Not only did it do a better job at cleansing, it also had a gentler scent. It comes as a powder which you then mix with water that activates the ingredients. The clay works well in drawing out impurities while the other elements ensure your skin is hydrated and nourished. After just three uses my skin really felt cleaner not only after use, but throughout the day.

Another one of the standout products was the daily rejuvenator cream, which I have been using as my morning moisturiser. The consistency is quite thick and I was a little weary at first, but taking the time to really buff this into the skin is worth it for how supple and moisturised it feels afterwards. It is a little heavier than the morning creams I usually use but I feel as though this gives it some longevity as my face feels moisturised throughout the day and not just straight after applying. This has probably been my most used product out of the box but could easily see the 10mg pot lasting another two weeks at the very least.

I’m dedicating the next few weeks solely to this brand and have cut out a lot of my usual routine to really put this mini box to the test. Keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram page as I will post regular updates and maybe a mini review or two on my story.

My first impressions are really positive for this line of products so far and I’m excited to see what it does for my skin after regular use these next few weeks.


Do you guys have any favourite smaller brands? I’d love to read some of your suggestions in the comments.





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