Blogging on a Budget Part two

Budget blogging can be rough when there’s this endless pressure to be the biggest and the best. Over the past few months I’ve had to learn how to stretch my money over several posts while not jeopardising the quality and trust me that isn’t always easy. Since my last blogging on a budget post I feel as though I’ve gotten even better at managing my spending on the blog, picking up a few nifty tricks on the way.

It’s those tricks that I want to share today in the hopes that maybe it’ll help a few of my fellow bloggers who are also out here grindin’ with a spending cap.


Improving the flatlay game

Flatlays are a staple of any good blog. They allow you to display multiple products with pretty props to create a beautiful and professional looking image. And while I’m all about the minimal approach, you shouldn’t underestimate the pulling power of a good prop. These can run up quite the bill when you’re taking photos almost every day and want to keep things fresh and interesting.

I talked about props in my last budget post but today I really wanted to hammer home the bargains to be had on Ebay.

Ebay is amazing to get all sorts of little nick nacks that can provide a bit of oomph in your flatlays or just general blog photography. For me, a lot of props I use aren’t things I would use in my day to day so I don’t want to be spending all that much on them. To date I’ve purchased about £30 worth of props from Ebay but that has gotten me a LOT of stuff. From fairy lights, to succulents the list just goes on. I’d recommend looking at other blogger’s images if you’re just starting out to see what types of products you will need but you can’t go wrong with plants, lights and something sparkly.

Get on trend                                                                                     

Marble is probably my favourite trend as I think it’s one that will really stand the test of time. It makes any blog look that bit more luxurious and really helps to sell any kind of image. Sadly though, we can’t all afford marble worktops. But there is a way around this.

Buying an off cut piece of marble will cost you fractions of the retail price and will look amazing in pictures. I personally got an A3 sized slab from a grave cutters, which might be a little morbid but it cost me literally a couple of pounds and it’s my favourite photography background. If you can’t get any near you, look around because you’d be surprised at how many places do this and if you still can’t find anywhere then go online.

Change it up

Another way to mix up your backgrounds is through wallpaper samples. Most places that sell wallpaper will give you samples to take home in as many colours and varieties as you like. I managed to find a high end wallpaper website that was willing to send me over 10 free samples and I used one in a recent post.

One of my wallpaper samples on a recent post.

A good background can work wonders for an image and shouldn’t be forgotten. Changing the backdrop in your posts can help keep your blog looking exciting, different and new. It’s also fun to have all these different looks to experiment with as each sample will give the picture a different vibe.

Excel at photography

I’m probably going to do a standalone post about this, but I think it’s an important hack to share anyway.

Lightboxes can up your photography game tremendously. However, they can also run up a bill very quickly. But why pay for something you can easily make at home? All you need is a box, some white paper, material and a few lamps.

There a number of websites that will go through each step and my DIY post will be up very soon, but it is something that I would highly recommend you do. Even if you don’t have the best camera or a bunch of props, a lightbox can really give you the effect of expensive equipment even if it only cost a few pounds to make.

Mix up the posts

Having a beauty blogger niche sometimes makes you feel as though you’re pigeon holed into talking about one subject. But in reality your blog is what you make it and it actually helps if you mix it up a bit.

One of the best ways to do this is to talk about other bloggers. I’ve spoken on many occasions about how warm and welcoming the blogging community can be and it’s nice to give some of that back by shouting out a few of your own blogger faves.

Not only does this help you save money but it also shows that you’re a team player, someone who really cares about this community that we’re all in. Blogging can be difficult at the best of times and showing someone you love their work in a dedicated post can really mean the world. It also helps your readers to discover other blogs that might be similar to your own.

Share the love

Sharing is caring , so why not go halfsies on a few beauty buys with a close friend or family member?

Eyeshadow palettes, highlighters those types of products can go for £50+ and you hardly ever use it all up. Sharing beauty or skincare products reduces the costs tremendously, means you can still take beautiful images and allows you to try out the product on yourself long term. I wouldn’t recommend sharing any lipstick or similar products as it would be unhygienic but there are certain things that could easily be shared.

Expensive creams and lotions for example can be shared out between two pots or a highlighter can be halved and then reset using a little bit of rubbing alcohol.


I really hope that these tips will help some of you keep the costs low on your blog. As bloggers we really know the struggle of keeping our websites afloat on a barely there budget so even making the smallest adjustments can help.


What are some of your money saving tips? Let me know in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Blogging on a Budget Part two

  1. Completely agree with you about wallpaper for flatlay backgrounds. I always nip to my local B&Q and pick up a free sample of wallpaper – the ones that look like wooden boards work great! Fabric samples are also a good shout, and are usually reasonably priced too. Great post!
    Gemma xx

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