Dealing with Copycats

Imitation is the best form of flattery, but I don’t feel very flattered.

Last week I discovered that someone had plagiarised a handful of my blog posts, taking the images and words and passing them off as their own. It’s the first time anything like this has happened to me as a blogger and made me take a step back and rethink about what I put out there.

I love blogging so much, over the past few months it’s become my happy place, a world in which I can be myself and share my voice. Someone stealing that voice feels like a violation and my happy place didn’t feel as happy a week ago.  Luckily there are multiple channels and resources that are available and I was able to sort the situation out very quickly.

As it turns out the person responsible had done it a few times before and my posts on the copycat site were quickly removed and deleted. But the damage was already done.

Being a small blogger I felt like I didn’t have as much of a case, but I realise now that isn’t true. I put hours and hours into my blog every single day and regardless of how popular it is I still deserve respect for that effort. For someone to steal my words just shows a lack of care not only for me, but for what it means to be a blogger and for the dedicated readers who love discovering blogs and interacting with them.

Bloggers take inspiration from other bloggers, I know I certainly do. I read so many posts every day because it’s astonishing just how much other people have to say. Ideas float around the blogosphere openly and I feel that it’s okay to take inspiration so long as you put your own spin, twist and personality into it. And just as much as I’ve taken inspiration I think that I’ve also given it. I love reading other people’s perspectives and ideas but that is very different than copying.

There was a moment, albeit a short one, where I considered just packing it all in. Why was I doing so much and putting all this effort in for someone to just steal it? But you have to take the good with the bad and it would be a shame to let this experience ruin something so close to my heart.

From now on I will definitely be more vigilant and careful when posting, but hindsight has taught me that bad things will happen and it’s the way you handle them that makes the difference. This has been a blip in the road that tested my confidence and now that I’ve overcome it I feel unstoppable.

So watch this space.


31 thoughts on “Dealing with Copycats

  1. Your words are yours, sometimes others have the same thing to say just don’t know how to say it. Hopefully this post explains to other what they should expect from themselves as an artist. Keep your head up and please continue to share with us bloggers.

    Thank you!


  2. I agree with you that bloggers gets inspired from other bloggers and stealing someone Else’s work is really wrong. You write beautifully and one day i am sure your blog would be a big hit . See yA

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  3. This will only make you stronger as a person and a blogger.Numbers are only numbers at the end of the day and whther you have 1,000 or 100 followers the amount of respect you show to someone shouldn’t change based on their level of popularity,we’re all human at the end of the day.It’s so sad and disheartning that this has happened to you but you will come out stronger on the other side because of this.Congratulations on staying strong and not giving up when things got tough,I think that’s going to be a really inspiring message for many people who read this post who might be going through something similar.I’m really glad I found your blog and I can’t wait to read more posts form you.I would also love to collaborate on a blog post with you so if you think this is something you would also like to do then maybe you can email me @ or DM me on instagram @ daydreamerciara


    1. Thank you so so much for such a wonderful comment! I definitely think that this has helped me become a better blogger I’ve learnt so much from it.

      A collab sounds like so much fun! I’ll definitely message you very soon!

      Thanks again lovely xo

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  4. Just discovered and followed your blog, but I’m so annoyed for you! The fact that in this community there are people who think it acceptable to blatantly copy another person’s hard work is just ridiculous. Hope you got it all sorted and that the person has learnt their lesson now!

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  5. Just came across your blog. I know there are different google tools that can help you notice if someone is copying. I don’t really understand why someone would. Because blogging is suppose to be about your own ideas and opinions. This person needs to find better ways to use their energy! At least you got it sorted. And I agree, copying is not always flattering. Sometimes it’s beyond irritating.

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  6. Just curious, how did you come across the blog? That’s so sly! Don’t let it put you off blogging, I mean, I’m sure you won’t but don’t let lazy, unimaginative people who will never amount to anything on their own merit ruin something you love! Those sorts of people will never get far with a mentality like that! Be proud of your blog!! Xx

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    1. I was just trawling through a few of my favourite tags and saw one of my images, clicked on it and found about three more posts of mine.

      Thank you lovely! I definitely won’t, it knocked my confidence for sure but I’m determined to turn it into something positive.

      Thank you for commenting sugar I appreciate it! Xo

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  7. I actually read this post earlier today and thought it was so well written! It hasn’t happened to me but I can’t imagine how disheartening it would be! Keep your chin up thought, we’ll always know you’re the original and best! xx

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  8. OMG! It really sucks to have your work stolen. Sometimes people don’t understand the amount of hard work we put into our blogs and every detail on it. Have you tried reporting the person who plagiarized your content? I hope you don’t get discouraged by this incident. Continue to inspire through your blog, lovely!

    Aria x |

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    1. Thank you my love! Really appreciate your comment. Yes I reported them and their site has since been taken down so hopefully it’s the last we’ve heard from them.

      Definitely agree people don’t realise how much goes on behind the scenes!



  9. That’s definitely not a pleasant experience and you sound like you handled it in a good way, well done. I’d probably blow a fuse and then take time to calm down before taking action. I understand that there are many similar posts out there, we all wear distressed denim and such, but for someone to take your hard work and pass it on as their own, that’s definitely unforgivable.

    Maya |

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    1. Thank you Hun! Oh don’t worry I had to take a long walk when I first found out just so I didn’t throw my laptop out the window. The persons site has been taken down now though so fingers crossed it won’t be happening again.

      Thanks sweetie pie xo


  10. One of the best things about blogging is reading all about other people’s opinions and getting your own out there, so what’s the point in stealing someone else’s? I don’t know what I’d do if this happened to me!! Don’t let it stop you blogging though!

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  11. Omg, I’m honestly so so sorry to hear that! I still can’t believe it! It’s really terrible, but in those situations, I think we need to stay strong, as you did, and look beyond it. We should still be proud of our work, that we did, and knowing that deep wihtin the thief will never feel the same happy and saytisfying pride that we feel when someone’s taking the time to read our posts! I really hope, it won’t happy to you again. (but what can I say? Your content really is great!)
    love, elena

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    1. Aw thank you so much I really appreciate it! Definitely agree, it’s frustrating but I refuse to let this experience win and I’m going to use it to motivate me if anything. Thank you so much for commenting really made my day xo

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