Review: Mask of Magnaminty


Another day, another Lush review.

This time round I wanted to try out one of Lush’s best sellers, Mask of Magnaminty. Having heard only good things and with friends recommending it themselves I knew I had to rush out and buy a pot to try for myself.

The mask comes in two varieties, fresh and self preserving. The only real difference is that the fresh lasts just a few months and dries down completely when using while the preserved lasts a lot longer and has a higher honey content. As I usually go for self preserving I thought I’d switch it up and go fresh for a change. So I bought a 125g pot for £6.50, which is a standard price for a face mask from Lush.

When I first tried it out I was very concerned about how it would react with my sensitive skin. I hear the words “tingle effect” and my first thoughts are red, puffy blotches and inflamed rosacea. And while the mask did have that tingling sensation at first it only lasted a few minutes and wasn’t an intense burn or stinging feeling like I’d expected. It did tighten a bit as it dried but it wasn’t uncomfortable and I could still move my face.


I used a damp washcloth to remove the mask using small circular motions. There are tiny grains within the mask that help exfoliate the skin to buff any dead skin cells and dirt off. After letting my skin settle for a few minutes my face really felt clean and soft.

As you’ll have notice in previous reviews I’m big on scents, if something doesn’t smell right I’m not going to use it. Luckily with magnaminty the smell was actually really nice. It was a subtle mint scent which wasn’t overly potent but did linger all the way through using it. The texture was also a lot thicker than I’m used to, but using a good quality brush helped me spread it out into a thin layer and in the end I only used a little bit each time.

I’ve been using the mask now for about a month and I can really tell the difference in my skin, especially with my pores and blemishes. The mask works in cleansing the skin which in turn prevents any breakouts as there is less bacteria and dirt on my face. My nose and cheek pores appear smaller and cleaner; I can tell by just how little isremoved with a pore strip in comparison to a few weeks ago.

What I love about this mask is that it can be used to target specific problem areas before they get any worse. I noticed that if I applied a blob of the mask on a developing spot within a day or two it would disappear without getting any worse. Utilising it as a targeted spot treatment has been just as effective as using it as a full face mask.DSCN0343

Having used this once or twice a week for the past four weeks I’m surprised that I’ve not even got half way through the pot yet. Despite its thickness you only need a small amount and I could see it lasting me at least another month and a half.

Usually this is the part where I tell you all the stuff I hated about a product, but honestly I couldn’t think of anything I didn’t like about this one. It lives upto its promises, it’s not too expensive and the smell isn’t overwhelming. I really am impressed and it’s fast becoming my new favourite lush product.

Of course I’ll definitely be repurchasing another tub just as soon as I run out of this one. If you have spot prone skin or are looking for something to deeply cleanse then I’d definitely recommend you give this try. Don’t just take my word though and get yourself a free sample to try at home.

What are some of your favourite masks? Let me know in the comments.


22 thoughts on “Review: Mask of Magnaminty

  1. I use masks weekly! Skincare is really important. I like the Sephora Collection face masks and masks with ABH in them. It’s really good to create an even skin tone. Exfoliating masks, I can’t recall the exact name of the one I use (I’m not home at the moment) are really good like this one. I like changing up my routine sometimes because there’s always something that could be better for you. Nice post 🙂

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    1. Thank you sweety! Definitely, I love a good mask not just because they can be amazing for your skin but it gives you half an hour to just chill and relax which is so so needed sometimes! I’ll definitely have to check those out. Thanks for commenting beautiful xo

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      1. You’re welcome! I completely agree. I love the time I get to pamper myself. Feels great 🙂 Aww you’re sweet, you’re beautiful too. I saw your Instagram pictures and you favor Adele in the face a bit to me lol. Stunning 😀


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