What’s the deal with Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is just a fancy name for shaving your face. But more than just hair removal, this process actually removes dirt and dead skin cells to reveal fresher, brighter skin. The intense exfoliation works fast and the effects can be seen immediately. It’s a beauty secret that’s been around for years so you better believe I had to try it for myself.

Having sensitive skin always makes me wary of trying such extreme treatments. My face has been known to react negatively to certain creams and formulas so it took me a while to be brave enough to try this out.

Professionals use scalpels but for safety and precision I prefer to use an eyebrow shaper. These are inexpensive and disposable but still very sharp and effective. The process itself is very simple; it usually takes me about 10 minutes to do my full face. On clean, dry skin I pull my face so that a small area is taught. Taking the blade at a 45 degree angle I then shave downwards in small strokes before wiping the dirt on a clean tissue. I never go over the same place twice and avoid my nose and eye area.


When I’ve finished I usually let my skin breath for an hour or so before applying a gentle moisturiser. The results can be seen straight away, my skin instantly looks brighter and more even than ever before. It softens my entire face and decreases the flakes I sometimes get in my dry areas.

The effects last for a few weeks before the hair begins to grow back. And it’s this stage that a lot of people are afraid of. Many people are scared to try dermaplaning because they’re worried their facial hair will grow back thicker and longer than before.

After two months and two treatments I can happily say that in my case that didn’t happen. The hair on your face is very different to that on your legs so the same rules don’t necessarily apply. Of course this all depends on your hair texture and colour so will differ person to person.

My favourite thing about dermaplaning is how easy my makeup applies afterward. Foundation in particular just seems to glide across the skin and blend out evenly without a fuss. This is because there are no hairs or dead skin for it to latch onto. It cuts my routine down by at least 15 minutes, time better spent still asleep in bed.

Despite how nervous I was to try it, I’m so glad dermaplaning is now a part of my skincare routine. Doing it once a month makes my skin happier and healthier and has been a great addition to the numerous lotions and potions I already use. Of course its not for everyone and some people might be scared to try it, but there are so many videos and how to’s out there that it really is fool proof.

What drastic measures do you take to keep your skin looking good? Let me know in the comments.



7 thoughts on “What’s the deal with Dermaplaning?

  1. I’m booking in to get mine done prefessionally, but hoping to do it myself afterwards. This post made me feel less frightened haha xxx

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