Review: Burt’s Bees Lipstick

Burt’s Bees have been killing the lip care game since forever. It’s no wonder then, that there has been so much hype over their new range of lipsticks. Being that they came from a lip care brand I hoped for something with all the benefits of a BB’s  balm with the pigment of a good quality lipstick. So I went out to try it for myself.

Straight off the bat I was happy that it wasn’t a super expensive lipstick, £9.99 is a fair price if it could deliver on some if its promises. It is said to give intense colour along with “8 hours of moisture,” utilising its 100% natural ingredients including beeswax and Vitamin E. There are 18 shades to choose from, all in red and pink tones and I chose “Scarlet soaked” a deep red which looking back might be a touch too dark for my complexion.

If you’ve previously read any of my reviews you’ll know that I’m an absolute packaging fiend and this certainly didn’t disappoint. The honeycomb pattern surrounding the tube is very pretty and ties in with the Burt’s Bees brand. It is quite lightweight so feels a little cheap, but the design more than makes up for that.


Even though I’m too pale for it, Scarlet soaked is a colour that I can appreciate. Once applied it is very different than in the tube and I was blown away with the pigmentation. It takes just a swipe or two to fully coat your lips and the colour is very striking and intense. The shade would work particularly well on a night out or special occasion as it is a real statement colour.

What intrigued me most about these lipsticks was this idea of 8 hours of moisture. I hate when a lipstick dries out your lips and they feel crusty and flaky once you take it off. I’ve worn this for a few days now and can happily say that isn’t the case here. The colour certainly doesn’t last 8 hours, but that nourishing feeling does. Even after I’ve removed the lipstick my lips feel softer and deeply moisturised for several hours.

Applying the lipstick was a little bit tricky; the formula is very buttery however it takes a while to really settle onto your lips. This means that for the first hour or so smudging and transferring is a very real possibility (as I soon learnt.) Using it without a lip liner would also result in the colour feathering out and staining the skin. This was very disappointing as it would then ruin the rest of my makeup, not to mention how hard it was to remove once it got everywhere.

It did start to feel a little heavy on my lips once it had fully dried down. Not the breathable, lightweight formula that I had expected. Towards the 4th or 5th hour it started to feel a little bit chalky and I’d have to rather reapply or wipe it all off.

In addition to that, the smell was also very off putting. For something that claims to be 100% natural this smelled very chemically. Perhaps it was the lack of added fragrance but it reminded me of those cheap lipsticks you got as a child, very plastic-y and fake. The scent didn’t fade along with the colour and it really stayed on your lips for hours after applying.

To be honest I was a little disappointed with this lipstick. I’d put it on such a pedestal because I loved the brand but it just didn’t deliver on a lot of things. The colour was stunning, but not so much on my chin, cheek and nose. There are dozens of lipsticks at similar price points that can deliver above and beyond what this one can.



12 thoughts on “Review: Burt’s Bees Lipstick

  1. I loved reading this! One of
    My favourite things about blogger reviews is that they’re so honest! I clicked on this, recognising the brand and expecting it to be positive so it’s good to know that the lipsticks aren’t great. Thank you for sharing, I’m sure you’ve saved a lot of people £10 ☺ x


    1. Thank you my lovely! Yeah I’ve heard nothing but great things so I was so disappointed. It’s so important to me that I’m honest and keep it real with my readers so they know the blog has integrity. Thank you for reading sweetie and taking the time to comment xo


  2. Your review was great! So sad to hear how disappointing it was though, I’ve had my eye on it (total package lover) but I don’t think I’ll be purchasing now, hate lipsticks that smear x

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