DIY 4 Ingredient Face Mask

So anyone as who follows me on twitter will know that last night I committed the sin of sins, the worst thing a bblogger could ever do. I slept with my makeup on. And sure enough I woke up this morning full of drunken guilt and clogged pores. To remedy the situation I decided to whip up one of my favourite masks in hopes that it would cancel out the misdeeds of yesterday.

Avocado is one of my favourite mask ingredients, its moisturising properties sink deep into the skin and really hydrates your entire face. Which is why I wanted to put a whole bunch of it in my mask. This took me minutes to whip up and it’s a foolproof way to give your skin some love.


You’ll need:

.1 whole Avocado

.2 Tablespoons of Honey

.½ ripe banana

.1 Tablespoon of Oats


To do:

Mash up your avocado in a bowl until it is smooth (if the avocado isn’t quite ripe I’d recommend using a blender.) Into this you want to add your banana and, using a fork, mash this also. Combine this with your honey and oats before giving it a final stir.

Prep your skin by gently steaming to open up your pores. Apply the mask using your hands or preferred utensils leaving a thick layer on the skin. Leave it on up to 15 minutes before wiping it off in circular motions using warm water. Pat your skin dry and you’re good to go.


In less than 25 minutes my face has gone from dry and irritated to moisturised and glowy. I love this mask because with just a handful of ingredients you can really see the difference after every use. And everyone loves a good mask on a Sunday.

Let me know if you tried this out and how it worked for you!


28 thoughts on “DIY 4 Ingredient Face Mask

  1. Lovely post and as a training MUA I love this! Honey keeps cropping up every where! Also another great tip is actually using two or three beaten eggs and a little milk massaged into scalp and hair left on for 30 minutes then washed out! Really hydrates / moisturisers the hair naturally without harsh chemicals! I’d love it if you could find the time to check out my beauty blog!
    Lots of Cheyanne from ✨

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