Beauty Blogging on a Budget

Whether beauty or lifestyle, food or fashion, blogging can rack up a serious bill. Buying products to review, testing new makeup looks, props, these all come at a price. And for a lot of us small time bloggers we foot the bill. It makes things much harder then when you’re on a shoestring budget.

I’m always counting costs to keep my blog fresh, updated and on trend.

In a world where Anastasia releases a new palette every 2 minutes it’s good to have a few money saving hacks that keep your blog afloat. I’ve managed this long so I think I’m doing something right.

1 Promotions and Offers

Don’t even step into Boots if there isn’t a sale on. High street stores and some high end like to run regular promotions so don’t waste your money buying anything full price. There will always be an offer on somewhere. I like to window shop online before I go in store, that way you know what to get and where to get it for the best price. Speaking to shop assistants is also a great way to get a heads up for upcoming events you can mark on your calendar.

2 Samples

Freebies can be easy to get if you know where to look. They are an inexpensive way to try out products you might otherwise not be able to afford. This works great at makeup counters, but also for skincare in places like Lush. It allows you to test and/or review a product yourself without having to purchase the full thing. Which works out great if you end up hating it.

3 Throwback Makeup

Something that I’ve recently started doing is dipping into my old makeup bag to see if I still love the products. Obviously don’t use anything horrendously out of date, but reusing your old favourites can translate into so many fun posts.

4 Flatlay props

Every beauty blogger worth their salt knows a good flatlay can get you far. It’s an art I’ve yet to master but am really enjoying learning. One thing that I’ve found is that having a few relevant props in the photo can really help it look professional. And to find them I go straight to the pound store. Primark, B+M, Homebargains, these all have great home departments filled with all the rose gold and marble you could want.

5 Photography editor

Editing photography when you don’t have the tools can be daunting but there are a number of free alternatives to Photoshop. I currently use GIMP which has a lot of the same tools as Photoshop but is completely free. There are also tonnes of free tutorials and guides on Youtube to help beginners.

6 Wishlists

Writing up your makeup wishlist is a great way of talking about products you’ve not actually bought. It’s a good excuse to research what you want and look at a bunch of reviews by other bloggers. As a result you might even find readers themselves recommending or discouraging their own products as it encourages a dialogue.

7 Free Makeovers

Numerous makeup counters now offer free makeovers, tutorials and guides on how to use their products. This is a great way to try out one particular brand for free. It allows you to see how the products lay on your skin, how they work together as a look and how well they wear throughout the day all for free.

8 Enter Blog Competitions & Giveaways

You’ve got to be in it to win in, right? Enter as many competitions as you can to help maximise your chances of winning. This will also help you to discover more blogs within the same community.

9 Dupes

There are so many famous dupes out there. NYX for Kylie, Real Techniques for the Beauty Blender, the list could be endless. Putting these to the test would cost fractions of what it would to try the originals. So many people in the bloggesphere hype up dupes that it would be easy to track a few inexpensive ones to try for yourself.

10 Budget beauty Brands

Some of my favourite products have come out of inexpensive brands. Exploring their ranges can really cut costs and could translate in to dozens of posts and blog opportunities. NYX, Gosh and MUA are all ones which have taken me by surprise in the battle of quality vs price.


Blogging is my favourite way to spend a day. Despite all the costs and the downsides, I wouldn’t change it in any way. It’s a small sacrifice to be a part of this amazing community, for the chance to expand my creativity and to reach an audience who genuinely care about what I have to say.

Plus it’s a great excuse for my skincare habit.

What are some of your money saving tips? Let me know in the comments.


29 thoughts on “Beauty Blogging on a Budget

  1. Oh this is so great. I read it and now I am more confident to write a beauty blog post. I haven’t had the courage to, because all the good beauty products here in India are expensive. But thank you so much this post helped me a lot.
    If you get time, check out my blog too. 🙂 :*
    Good Luck


  2. Great post! Another thing that I believe can help with being able to keep up with new items to try is also connecting with a website such as
    They select products for you to review for free based on your profile, all you have to do in return is review the products. I got a Marc Jacobs lip balm from them that I loved! Although, it may take some time to develop your profile they’re sample sizes are full-sized!
    If you’re interested in trying that out here’s my referral link:


      1. I really did, and you’re so right. For smaller bloggers it’s all our own money, one of the girls I work with couldn’t get her head around me buying all these products to review. But I love it , I just have to be a bit more financially savvy, and this definitely helped 👏👏👏


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