February Faves & Fails

Back in January I posted a list of my favourite and not so favourite products of the month and it got so much positive feedback that I thought I’d do it again for this month. February was a frugal one for me but that didn’t stop me buying some new beauty faves and rediscovering old ones. There were quite a few surprises for me this month but I ended up with some really good picks.

To find out what they were, keep reading.


Lush Rosy Cheeks mask

February started to dry out my skin with the cold, windy weather and as a result my sensitivity really kicked in. To try and combat this I went to Lush in search of something new and a saleswoman recommended this mask. Its thick consistency glided onto my skin and the rose really settled down any redness. I loved this for those days I knew I would be bare faced and didn’t want to look tomatoey.

Makeup Forever Baked Highlighter

Back in my youth when I thought mousse was a good texture for foundation, I bought a highlighter from Makeup Revolution. It was cheap and shiny, all the things 14 year old me loved. Flash-forward a few *cough* a lot of years and I’m still using the same highlighter. I’ve repurchased this consistently since first trying it and this month I’ve really been putting it to work. The formula is very buildable and I love wearing it for a natural glow during the day, then reapplying for a dramatic shine at night. One pot lasts a VERY long time and only costs £3 so it’s an absolute bargain.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

I would happily throw all my other lipsticks away if I could have a lifetime supply of this. The colour, the texture, the longevity of this product never fails to amaze me. I probably wore this 90% of February because I just couldn’t stop myself. It’s such a flattering colour, a perfect purple-pink that works very well during the colder months. It compliments any makeup look and has now become my go to lip.

NYX Pore Filler 

This has been my lifesaver the past 28 days. My pores can get a little crazy, especially when I try a bunch of new products. This pore filler rivals my all time fave Porefessional, but for less than half the price tag. It really smooths out my skin and makes my nose pores seem less visible. A few blobs of this go a long way and despite using it almost every day i’m still nowhere near finishing my first tube.

Body Care’s Almond Milk & Honey hand cream

As a part of Body Care’s newest skincare line, this hand cream battles harsh weather like no other. The whole range was developed for sensitive skin and I was dying to try it ever since it was released. I bought the hand cream in hopes it would force me to look after my hands more and it did. The small tube fits nicely in my bag and I find myself using it while I’m out and about. The cream isn’t too heavy or sticky, but still leaves your skin feeling moisturised. It lasts for hours at a time and makes your hands baby soft.


Lush Colour Supplement Foundation

As good as the mask was, it wasn’t enough to make up for how disappointing Lush have been this month. And as a true Lush addict, that’s quite hard to admit. There were a few products, including a few of their shampoos, which fell quite short of my expectations. I bought this foundation for those days when I didn’t want a full face. Having read up on it before I knew it was going to be light coverage, but what I got was no coverage. No pigment, no colour, nothing. Even tinted moisturiser or BB cream gives you something. I was very disappointed with this but worst of all I felt robbed of £9.95.

New Look Baked Highlighter

Digging through my makeup bag I came across this highlighter that I’d bought late December and forgot about. Swatching it on my arm I was very excited to use it. The colour and shine seemed so buttery and rich that I couldn’t wait to swipe it on my cheekbones. Unfortunately when I did all the things I loved about it just disappeared. The colour looked different and even the shine had gone. Layering it just made it look cakey so I just up and wiped it off.


Benefit Instant Comeback serum

So back in January I was lucky enough to win a sample of Benefit’s new range of skincare. Everything I’d tried from benefit I’d loved and so I was excited to give it a go. I switched it out for my usual serum and started to use it every night. The smell was what put me off at first, quite chemically and strong, and soon it had me coming out in big red blotches. The day after use my face would still be tacky from the night before and was very irritated. I stuck with it for a while to see if it would balance out but stopped after the second week. At £39 a bottle I’m surprised at how poor the formula seems to be. It didn’t deliver on its moisturising, energising promises and I certainly wouldn’t want to fork out nearly £40 for it either.

L’Oreal Paris Infallable Lip Gloss

This month I was on a mission to find a good red lipstick. I’ve got a few birthdays coming up and wanted to experiment with a more dramatic look. Forgive my sin seemed just the thing for the job so I was excited to give it a whirl. As always I tested it around the house first to see how it wears throughout the day. And when I tell you it got everywhere, I mean everywhere. This transferred to my teeth, my chin and all over my clothes. The colour really wowed but wasn’t worth the stickiness. Sadly this went into my disappointing lipstick box, along with all the other wasted purchases.

So there you have it. There have been one or two curve balls this month but that’s all part and parcel of trying out new things. I loved going through my collection and seeing what I’d used this month, hopefully March’s faves and fails will be on time and full of goodies.

What were some of your favourite products last month? Let me know in the comments.



23 thoughts on “February Faves & Fails

  1. Great post! I meant to chuck in a few fails myself this month and totally forgot.
    I’ve looked and searched the Bourjois lippie so many times but never bought it for some reason , I need to bit the billet and pick it up, it’s obviously calling to me 😀


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