Valentine’s Day When You’re Broke ASF

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and for those of us who are  strapped for cash it can be quite stressful. Finding a good present, making romantic gestures and taking your significant other out all comes with a price tag and on V day it’s usually an expensive one.

But fear not! Being perpetually skint I’ve learnt a thing or two about doing stuff on the cheap, Valentine’s day being no exception. Despite what you’re led to believe, valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost you hundreds and there are so many ways you can have a good time while spending pennies.

Some of my favourite date nights have cost just a couple pounds. With that in mind I’ve pulled together three inexpensive ideas for the perfect Valentine’s date.

1.Pizza Party (est. price £10)

You will need:

Pizza dough and sauce

Various toppings

Hot oven

Cooking for your valentine is a classic move, but a little bit boring. Step up your game by making it fun and doing it together. Pizza is surprisingly easy to make and throwing your dough in the air is a good way to show off so long as you catch it. It requires very little set up and ingredients are inexpensive to buy. The best thing about this date night is you get to eat the rewards.

Perfect for people who love to cook or just love pizza.

2.Movie night under the stars (est. price £20)

You’ll need:

Mobile phone projector

Blankets & pillows

A comfy place to sit

One white bed sheet

Twinkling stars above your head, favourite film playing and your special someone wrapped in your arms. How amazingly soppy does that sound? The biggest expense for this will be buying a mobile phone projector, but these can be found relatively cheap online or in stores for about £15-£20. Find a good spot in your garden and hang your bed sheet against a wall. All that’s left is to throw down your blankets and pillows and grab some popcorn. Set up your favourite films and you’re good to go.

This will probably be weather dependent and we all know British weather is unpredictable. But don’t worry as this can easily be done inside in a big enough space.

3.DIY spa day (est. price £7)

You will need:

Ingrediants for face masks

Comfy dressing gown

Enya (or any soothing spa music)

A nice relaxing spa day is an amazing way to spend Valentines but can set you back a hefty sum. Cut the costs down to almost nothing by having the day spa come to you and DIY it. Who could say no to a day spent in a fluffy robe and slippers? There are tonnes of recipes online, and quite a few here, here and here, so you can take your pick.

Face masks can be whipped up in minutes and for very little money. By the end of the day you’ll both feel pampered and your skin will look amazing. Win win.


Valentine’s Day can easily be bogged down by all the pressure, expenses and planning. It’s easy to forget that it’s supposed to be about the people you love and spending time with them.

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day I hope you have a good one!



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