Why I love being a Basic Bitch

Being a basic bitch is great; we get to wear the comfiest clothes, drink the nicest drinks and use the cringiest of hashtags. But it’s hard out here for a bitch with most people thinking that being basic means you’re boring and unoriginal.

The slack you get for being basic can be relentless, but there are so many perks that make it worth it. And these are just a few of my favourites.

No Shame

We don’t have guilty pleasures; our love of vintage Britney is well documented. And while wearing Uggs every day of winter might get you some funny looks, guess whose toes are toasty warm? Being a basic bitch means being a boss bitch because you really don’t give a damn what people think. It’s all about doing what you love, just because you love it.

Cold weather seasons are the best

As soon as I see the first leaf change colour, I can hear the pumpkin spice calling my name. Who cares about summer when scarf weather is upon us? Everyone can agree that there’s nothing better than being wrapped up warm, snuggling up to someone with a warm drink in your hands. Also, Christmas.

There’s a quote for every occasion

Relationship troubles? I’ve got a quote for that. New promotion at work? I’ve got a quote for that. Every scene and scenario can be made better by a cheesy line and if you disagree, you know that I’ve got a quote for that too.

Mood boards really work

Collages of our dream house, lists of our goals and how to achieve them. There’s something about putting your thoughts into visuals that makes them seem that little more achievable. Placebo effect or not, you can’t argue with results.

Tasty Drinks

You know that’s better than a cocktail? A frozen cocktail. The barmaid has probably made 134 of them today, and she’ll roll her eyes when you order but nothing can compare to that sweet icy flavour. As a basic bitch I get to enjoy all the tastiest, gimmicky drinks that everybody else is missing out on.


Every shelf, every ledge and every night stand is just a platform on which I store my unhealthy candle addiction. Listen, I get that a house smelling like caramel cinnamon apple pie isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for me it doesn’t get any better than that. I have a candle for every mood and room in my house and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Admitting you’re a basic bitch can be hard when so many people are ready to judge and make fun of you. But being basic means being unapologetically you, and if that means cringy instas and a mild PSL obsession then who really cares?


I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours. What’s your favourite thing about being basic?



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