Review: Benefit’s Bigger & Bolder brow kit

At a glance:

-Gives shape and definition

-Good quality products


-Easy to overdo it

-Takes practice to perfect

You know that old saying, “your eyebrows should be sisters not twins,” well mine aren’t even related. My eyebrows, for as long as I can remember, have always been uneven, sparse and lacking the definition that is oh so popular these days.

My usual technique of filling in the gaps with pencil just wasn’t cutting it anymore so I decided to invest in Benefit’s bigger and bolder brow kit. This set me back £25 but includes all the things you’d need to get extra fleeky.

Inside the kit you will find; Ka-brow pomade, high brow highlighter, ready set brow gel and a stencil with four brow shapes. That’s a lot of product for what you pay. The set comes in a metal box which is really cute  and durable and the packaging of each product seems good quality with the classic vintage feel that Benefit is known for.

Eyebrow Stencil

For newbies like me, the eyebrow stencil is an amazing idea. It allows you to create a similar shape for both brows, which I’ve always found particularly difficult, making application even easier. The stencils come in two varieties, straight and arched, each coming with two different options giving you four eyebrow shapes in total.

I have found that using the stencil can be a little tricky, but my advice is to trace the outline very faintly so you can make adjustments before your fill the brows in.


Pomade has always been a little scary to me as I prefer a natural looking brow and every time I’d used it before it was far too heavy. With some practise, the Ka-brow is amazing at filling in thinned out eyebrows. It has a buildable formula which means it can be as heavy or as light as you like it, however it is easy to go overboard so be careful.

The brush can be attached to the top of the lid to allow for more precision which I like but for better results I use my Real Technique’s brow brush.

Ready, Set, Brow gel

Setting your brows in place is so important if you want them to last all day. I’ve used a few gels before and have always been left disappointed, but this gel is like glue and holds brows in place like no other. The application is very simple and ii dries down quickly so you can be done in minutes.

High Brow

Highlighting your brows can really step them up as it lifts your entire eye area. With high brow I really enjoyed the creaminess of the formula which allows the product to be blended seamlessly leaving you with a natural finish. It gives you that intense eyebrow shape without making it seem too harsh which is usually my biggest worry.

Every product within this kit works to enhance your natural eyebrows and give them a bit of wow factor. I’ve been using it for over a month and the difference it has made to my whole makeup routine has been incredible.

Brows are important to frame your face and now that I feel more confident in mine it’s given me the inspiration to be experimental with other aspects of my makeup.  This kit really gives you that flawless finish and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to really step up their eyebrow game.


What products do you use on your brows? Let me know in the comments.



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