Plus size fashion: Getting out of your comfort zone

When you’re plus size it’s easy to get stuck in a fashion rut. Finding something that is stylish, inexpensive and fits nicely can be hard so when you do find it you stick to it. But comfort doesn’t always equal confidence.

My safety blanket came in the form of leggings. For four years I wore the same three outfits and it got pretty boring pretty fast.  This was because I hated my body, more specifically my hips and legs. I was scared to wear anything that would bring them attention and *god forbid* make me look fat.

I have never been slim, the puppy fat of my youth followed me into my teenage years and a great love of food helped it stick as I entered my 20’s. My weight has always had a heavy impact on my self confidence and it took many years for me to accept that I was never going to look like those girls in the magazines.  My love of fashion and clothes was overshadowed by the fact that I didn’t feel that I had the body to wear them, so I did what many others do and shrivelled into the background.

For me, the turning point was when I just said fuck it and forced myself to go shopping. I threw on outfits I’d never dreamed of wearing: skirts, dresses, jeans. Anything and everything that was out of my comfort zone I bought and told myself, even if I didn’t believe at the time, that I looked amazing. And after a while I started to agree.

I found that your insecurities can only do as much damage as you let them and when it comes to confidence you just fake it till you make it.

The dress in question

Last week I wore a very tight, very fitted dress which stuck to my hips and flaunted my legs. It was an outfit I never thought I would have the guts to wear, but I wore it with pride. I have come a long way these few months and if nothing else I am happy to be making steps in the right direction and hope I can at least inspire one person to do the same.

Have you ever braved your insecurities? I’d love to hear your story! -L


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