First Impressions: Chinese Ginseng and Rice clarifying polishing mask

Is there anything better than a beauty delivery?

I’m obsessed with trying out new products recently so not a week goes by without the delivery man handing me a goodie or two. The latest addition to grace my beauty collection is Body Shop’s Chinese ginseng and Rice clarifying polishing mask. So I thought I’d do a quick first impressions for you lovely lot.

Now I love a good mask, be it DIY or shop bought, so I was immediately intrigued when I saw Body shop were releasing a new line of natural, vegetarian products that promise to get rid of almost every skin complaint.

The range offers 5 masks from British rose to Himalayan charcoal that tackle a wide variety of common problems like dullness and aging. After looking into each product I was torn between Chinese Ginseng and rice or the Ethiopian honey mask but decided on the former as I felt it would be the best for my skin type.

At £15 for 75ml of product I was a bit wary of the price but I’d heard good things so ordered it straight away. This mask promises to “clarify” and “polish” skin by balancing and brightening your complexion. It does this by utilising its main ingredient Ginseng, the root of which is said to oxygenate skin cells and improve blood circulation among many other beauty benefits.

So, when that little brown package arrived at my door I was more than excited to give this product a whirl.

My first thought when it arrived was how beautiful the packaging was. Simple designs are always much more appealing than fussy bottles if you ask me and the pot was made of glass, not plastic, which is usually a sign of quality. Inside the glass was the mask, protected by a thin plastic cap which keeps it fresh and protects the mask from bacteria. The smell was subtle and upon further investigation I noted a slightly grainer texture than I had anticipated.

Applying it for the first time was pretty standard, using an old foundation brush to evenly distribute it across my face. After waiting 10 minutes the mask felt dry but not uncomfortable, you could still smile and move your face which you don’t get with many masks. Washing it off in the shower, I buffed the mask in circular motions to enhance the exfoliating effects. The small grains were VERY gentle but still managed to properly exfoliate my skin, leaving it soft, smooth and with a very clean feeling.

After patting my face dry I raced to my mirror to check out the results. My skin wasn’t left with the tell tale redness I usually get after exfoliating, instead my skin looked brighter, healthier and my pores looked slightly cleaner. With just one use I was very impressed.

I’ve used the mask a second time since then and I have to say I am very happy with the results. It hasn’t been long enough to do a full review just yet; I want to finish the whole pot before I start properly recommending it. But so far so good.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated and post some before and afters in a few weeks time.

Have you tried Body Shop’s new range? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments.



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