Review: Grounded Coffee Scrub (Chocolate Orange)

At a glance:

-Smoothes skin

-Strong coffee smell

-Rough texture

-Not suitable for sensitive skin types


Unlike TLC I love a good scrub. But finding one that is really effective can be hard. In a perfect world I would want something that leaves me smooth and soft, has a great scent and actually buffs away all of my dead skin.

So in my search into finding this magical, mythical product I stumbled upon Grounded coffee scrub. Recently being stocked in Boots across the country, Grounded began as an online company and has now expanded into stores. The main ingredient in all Grounded scrubs is robusta coffee which according to its website helps “boost circulation” and “tightens and brightens your complexion.”

With promises like that I eagerly wanted to put it to the test and see if it ticked all of my criteria for the perfect scrub.

To start let’s talk about the price. Now £15, to me, seems like a bit much for a body scrub but you are getting a lot of product and since a little goes a long way here I can imagine one packet lasting quite a while. I’ve been using mine for about two months, and still have quite a bit left.

As for the texture of the scrub, it is one of the most course ground that I have ever tried. This is a positive and a negative. Good because it allows the product to really do what it’s supposed to and that’s scrub away dead skin. Bad because it is harsher on your skin and if, like me, you suffer from any sensitivity this might not be the best product for you.14303914_10209602402633586_2143319345_o

On my first attempt I got it everywhere. Being a loose product it’s easy for the granules to sprinkle about and so I highly recommend doing this while in the shower so you can wash it all away once you’re done. To apply I took a small handful of the scrub and pressed it onto to my wet skin, paying specific attention to my legs and arms. In circular motions I buffed the grounds into my skin and spread the product on my body. Once I was buffed, I let it sit for about 10 minutes in which time I sat on the edge of my bath wishing I’d brought a magazine. After the ten minutes I washed it all off and dried myself as usual.

The stand out thing from my first try was just how smooth my legs felt. In the weeks following I have taken to using the scrub after shaving and I’ve found it adds a couple extra days before the hairs begin to grow and feel prickly. I also feel like the scrub really cleans the skin of any dead cells, after each use I still feel fresher and my skin does seem to have a certain glow.

I have two negatives which, to be honest, are quite subjective. Firstly, the coffee smell is very strong (obviously) but it does linger for a little too long on the skin. If you’re super into coffee then you’d love it, but since I’m a so-so fan of the bean it can get a little too much after a few hours. And secondly, I am disappointed that this can’t be used for both body and face. But maybe that’s asking a little too much?

Having used this product for some time now I’d happily recommend it to anyone looking for a powerful scrub, something to jet blast the dead and dry skin to leave you with healthy, happy skin.

What’s your favourite body scrub? Let me know in the comments.




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