Review: Lush Vanishing Cream

At a glance:

-Would recommend

-Perfect for spot prone and oily skin

-Slightly greasy texture

-Strong smell

-Pricey but definitely worth it

Lush for me has become quite an addiction. As soon as the fragrant smell of essential oils hits my nose I find myself following it to the nearest store. And while I love Lush and a lot of its products they can be quite expensive.  That is why I wanted to really test out what they have to offer, review the hell out of them so you wonderful people at home can get a real taste of what those little black pots hold.

For the record, I have combination skin. The holy grail of annoying skin complaints because I am both oily and dry and can be spot prone if my face fancies it. So for me a product has to really do a lot to handle that amount of crazy.

Vanishing cream is not the first Lush moisturiser I have tried but it is my latest, having recently swapped it out from Magical Morgana (review to follow). I have just started my second pot and I can hand on heart say this really works for me.

As per usual I got a 45g black pot of product which came in at £18.95, making it one of the most expensive creams in my cheap and cheerful collection. The good thing though is that a little goes a long way, my first pot lasting me about three months or so. So while it is an extravagant purchase for me I justify it by the fact I won’t have to get any more any time soon.

The moisturiser draws its powers from three essential oils which make up the base of the cream. Lavender, which acts as a disinfectant to prevent spot forming bacteria and helps to sooth and calm redness. Nerobi, a citrus oil made from the bitter orange tree which rejuvenates and promotes elasticity in the skin. And finally geranium, which tightens the skin and is a powerful cicatrisant meaning it aids the fading of scars and spots. These, along with a few other natural ingredients, help the cream to fight blemishes and prevent them from breaking out to begin with.

A few months into using this moisturiser I am still reaping the benefits. Previously I would wake up red faced and with the thick sheen of an oily T-zone. Whereas now my skin is calmer, my oily areas are 90% shine free and my skin has an overall healthy feeling.

This is all well and good but Vanishing cream does have a few negatives. Nothing too big and scary but important if you’re considering shelling out twenty big ones.

For me, the cream has a slightly greasy texture and can take a while to soak into my face. Luckily the formula is very light and even though it takes a couple extra minutes to work its way in, once its there you can really tell.

The other thing is the smell. If you’re very sensitive to scents you probably won’t be too keen on this, unless you love lavender. Admittedly, the aroma has grown on me a little, I don’t love it but I can certainly tolerate it for good skin.

All-in-all Vanishing cream is something I would and have recommended to many friends. It’s a lightweight, easy moisturiser that can actually help you reduce your skin complaints.  If, like me, you’re wary of trying new things on your face head to your local Lush and talk to the shop assistants. You can always get a free sample pot and try it out for yourself.

Let me know if you’ve tried this product and how it worked for you.



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